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Where can we stay?

Tierra del Fuego has a broad spectrum of choices, from five star to budget travelers. You will find here complete information about each one.

In order to make your search easier we have gathered the accommodation according to the uran area they are placed in: Río Grande, Tolhuin or Ushuaia. However, if you are looking for accommodation in the countryside, such as a distant hostería, a fishing lodge or an estancia open to guests, you will find the information labeled as Rural accommodation.

Río Grande city, with its flowered parks, will be happy to offer you a warm welcome.

Right in the middle of the way from Río Grande to Ushuaia is the town of Tolhuin, the best spot to get to the inner Tierra del Fuego.

Ushuaia counts on a varied offer of all kinds of accommodation in each category.

The Rural accommodation allows you to participate more actively in the natural and the social rural environment in the estancias that keep the history of Tierra del Fuego alive, together with the country people´s hospitality. The estancias open to visitors offer all facilities to make your stay comfortable.

When travelling to Antarctica or the South Atlantic Islands, all passengers stay aboard the ships since there are no hotels in those regions. If you have chosen this way of traveling, find more information in Cruise liners and Expeditions.

Are you planning to camp, or perhaps come on your motorhome or camper?

Within the urban areas you will be allowed to overnight only in the Campsites and not elsewhere.

If you are going to overnight in any of our settlements, take into account we haveincluded a detailed price list and a description of its facilities, a photo gallery and other details –such as distance to the airport, to downtown, language/s the staff speak, etc.- if you click “+ info” in each case.

All types of accommodation we publish on our website are authorized and regularly controlled by the Instituto Fueguino de Turismo, which supports cleaning and safety standards for all users. All of them count on fire alarm, emergency exits, insurance for.

Should any inconvenience happen during your stay, please let us know through our e-mail or personally in our office.

Maybe you have never thought of the actual difference between a “hostería” and a “cabaña”, but now you can make a decision based on what each of them offers guests.

Now we will introduce you to the real contents of our standardization items, telling you briefly what we mean through naming each Accommodation categories.

Accommodation categories

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