How can we reach Antarctica?

Cruise Season

Oficina Antártica

Lasserre y Prefectura Naval
(ingreso al Puerto de Ushuaia).

Horario de Atención:
- Horario habitual
Lunes a Viernes de 09:00 a 17:00 hs.

- Durante la temporada - (de Noviembre a Marzo)
Lunes a Viernes de 08:00 a 18:00 hs.
Sábados, Domingos y feriados (en caso de que haya buques amarrados al puerto) 09:00 a 18:00 hs.
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Can we visit Antarctica?

How we get there?

The Antarctic tourist season starts in late October and finishes in late March. During the austral summer, these different boats -mainly cruises and expedition ships- offer to adventure and nature lovers the possibility of traveling to the White Continent.

After leaving the port of Ushuaia, the ships sail south to cross the Drake Passage, towards the west end of the Antarctic Peninsula which is located about 1,000 km from Tierra del Fuego.

Once there, tourists have the opportunity to visit places of singular beauty.

The options are: from 10 days (The Classic Antarctica Trip) to three weeks (including Malvinas Is., South Georgia Is. and the Antarctic Peninsula).

The vessels are the icebreaker type and/or reinforced hull -normally-. The capacity of the vessels differs: some can carry from 70 to 120 passengers and others over 500 to 3000. According to the choice of cruise, passengers can enjoy a luxury trip or expedition-type trips depending on the characteristics of the service provided on board.

Prices can vary according to the characteristics of the chosen cruise, duration, itinerary, onboard services and vessel capacity. Therefore, there are fees (last minut prices) from $ 4,000 fot the 10 days trip.


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