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How can we reach Antarctica?

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The aim of this project was to link three continents: America and Australia through Antarctica, with a stop-over in Marambio Station.

On October 29, 1969, a historical fact took place. It was the opening of a landing runway in Marambio Station which started operating on April 11, 1970. This supported many air-antarctic operations which led to many facts dealing with the Argentine wings in the coldest utter part or our homeland, among which is the first tri-continental transantarctic filght.

From December 4 to 10, 1973, the aircraft Lockheed C-130H Hércules, identified TC-66 from the Argentine Air Force, under the Commander in Chief of the Air Force, Brigadier Héctor Luis Fautario carried out the first trans-antarctic continental flight and linked three continents: America, Antarctic and Australia.

The aircraft took off in Buenos Aires Airport on December 4 and after some six hours´ flight landed at Marambio Station (formerly called Vicecomodoro Marambio Air Base) in Argentine Antarctic.
After a re-fuelling operation by another  C-130 which was in Marambio, the TC-66 took off for Australia. After overflying the Amundsen- Scott station (South Pole) and crossing the whole Antarcic continent he landed in Canberra (Australia) after a 19-hour non-stop flight.

Everything started on December 4, 1973, when Brigadier Héctor Luis Fautario, the Commander of the Argentine Air Force, piloted a C-130H Hércules. He took off from Buenos Aires towards Marambio Air Force, Antarctica and then continued the flight to Canberra, Australia.

The return flight was from December 9 to 10, 1973. The Hercules C-130 took off from Christchurch (New Zealand) towards the Marambio Station again, but the unfavorable Antarctic meteorology did not allow them to land, so they continued to Río Gallegos (Santa Cruz, Argentina). When they landed they had flown 9,000 km in 14 hours 40 minutes.

On December 10, 1973 they continued their mission to Buenos Aires, final destination. They had achieved the first Three-continental and Transantarctic Flight.

This flight opened a new air route for the commercial flights, reducing fifty percent flying time to Australia and the Far East compared to that via U.S.A.

Some time later, Aerolineas Argentinas started the regular flights aboard the Boeing 747 to link Buenos Aires with Auckland (New Zealand) and Sydney (Australia), through the Transantarctic route.

Source:  Fundación Marambio

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